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In this video I give you a look at a couple of foods to shrink your belly, grab the Slim Belly Meal Plan for FREE, and get all 10 foods. 

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Slim Belly Plan 

New Slim Belly Meal Plan target trains the midsection like you've never done before. 

This combonation of delicious foods will debloat you in hours, restore your energy with in a day, and shrink your waist in 3 days. You will lose weight, and your waist!

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This plan is NOT the typical "clean eating" meal plan... Using my special Slim Belly Nutrition, hundreds of women have activated their body's metabolism to target their waistline.

  • Delicious foods you already eat!
  • Macro flex slim belly nutrition to naturally boost the metabolism
  • Carb balancer to boost fat burning hormones

  • 3 ingredient drink to activate your body to flush out excess water weight
  • No culinary degree required. Simple, safe, and sustainable.

Just tell me where to send it...

Slim Belly Plan

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Questions, please email info@aprilmeracle.com

If you have questions, I have answers...

Will this program really shrink my belly? I’ve struggled with belly fat for years and have yet to find a solution. - Yes. Whether you’ve been overweight your entire life, have just a little extra fluff around your middle or are have struggled to lose stomach fat since your first or second child—the 7 Day Slim Belly Solution has been formulated from an abundance of science-backed research to give you a leaner belly without giving up a single food you love. Plus—with the unique fuel cycling mechanism you’ll pour new energy into your body and have a whole new “get up and go” experience each day

How exactly does this program reverse belly aging? I thought having an aging belly was something you couldn’t control. -You can’t keep yourself from getting older. Yet you can keep your belly from aging! Most detoxes and cleanses don’t allow you to eat foods that are necessary for getting and keeping a toned belly—namely protein. As a result you lose muscle in your midsection and it becomes flabbier over time. However, by eating well-portioned protein, fat and carbohydrate meals you’ll keep the muscle around your belly in-tact for accelerated fat loss and a tight and firm look.

How long before I notice results? -Most women notice a difference in the way their body looks and feels within the first 24 hours of the Slim Belly Meal Plan. Their belly feels less puffy and they have more energy from day one. When you stick with the program you’ll lose pounds and inches around your middle, load up on new energy and feel like a whole new woman.

Is this really free? -YES!!!! There are no surprises. This is a 100% free meal plan!

What if this doesn’t work for me? -Think of this program like grabbing a beautiful dress at a high-end retailer, and running into the dressinng room. If it doesn’t fit you (you don’t see the results you want) you just put it right back on the rack. It didn't cost you anything.

Is it okay to participate in M2M Fat Loss if I am breastfeeding?  

Sure thing! I have had many nursing mamas enter into the program. Their results have been fantastic!! I get excited with nursing mamas especially because while I teach you about macros, fasting, and carb cycling, I know that you will be MAKING those macros for you new babes! There are some modifications I will give you. Make sure you tell me how much you are nursing and the age of your new baby. I will be able to change some things around regarding carb intake and fasting windows to make it most beneficial to you. In one of my earlier group a nursing mama was the WINNER of our "end of the round challenge". She won herself an Apple Watch, all while losing weight AND nursing!  

What kind of results can I expect at the end of the week? -It depends on how closely you stick to the plan. If you follow everything as I’ve laid out inside, you can expect to see belly-shrinking results. Plus, you’ll notice fresh energy-flow. Simply follow the program as closely as you can and your body will start making changes for the better from beginning to end. If you get lost or are worried you aren’t doing it right, just send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you get on track.

Do I need to purchase any shakes or supplements to participate in this program?  

-Not at all! I love this question, because guess what? This is not a multi tiered sales program. This is a program that I have created based on my own personal experience. I love to share it out and coach women through the same experiences I went through. No need to add extra shakes, suppliments, or videos into the mix. PS, we even have an exciting lean down phase in the last week that also require NO extra purchases! Lean down, lose weight, and nothing hidden! I do have a SHOP tab on my website that lists my favorite things. I am all about sharing the things I love!  

Questions, please email info@aprilmeracle.com

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