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Slim Belly Solution 7 Day
Slim Belly Solution 7 Day

 Slim Belly Solution


The foods already in your refrigerator! 


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Over 1,000 success...

"I'M DOWN 10.4 LBS IN 7 DAYS!"


Get exactly what you need to slim down, tone, and feel confident with the Slim Belly Solution Plan.

Want a sneak peek into the plan?  

  • Complete 7-day slim belly meal plan 
  • How to nail down your “eating timing” over the next week to boost your metabolism. 
  • Why simply pushing breakfast back one hour can make fat fall off your body at rapid speed all day long!  
  • 7 Day Slim Belly Solution Cheat Sheet… 
  • The 3 BEST beverages you should drink over the next 7-days. 
  • The perfect time of day to eat a slice of chocolate cake, lasagna and a glass of wine…  
  • The ‘Fuel Cycling Survival Guide’ that’ll give you step-by-step instructions for belly slimming success over the next week… 
  • A complete list of slim belly foods you can take with you to the grocery store TODAY 

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IMAGINE IF... enjoyed shopping your closet, and slipping on your jeans. enjoyed the foods you ate, and targeted your midsection. had the plan you needed that was easy and effective.  

And... had 3" off your belly in 7 short days. jumped on the scale to see up to 10 lbs gone in 7 short days.

  Reprogram Your Body To Burn Belly Fat 24/7 While Eating MORE Food—Not Less… ?

Get A Lean And Energized Body Starting TODAY!

"I stopped dieting years ago, and I can show you freedom from food too!" ~APRIL (creator of the Slim Belly Solution)


the Slim Belly Solution WORKS: HERE'S PROOF ...1,000 successes and counting

Meet Sarah, It works! Working wife and mom of 2

Meet Ashleigh, Married Mom of 2 active boys!!!

Meet Jill, -30+ lbs!! Mom of 3, travels for work

Meet Annie, PCOS, works 2 jobs, boy mom 

Meet Lauren, Mom of 3 and works 2 careers

Meet Kelly, Works 2 full time careers

Meet Lara, down 3 sizes at 50 years old

Meet Theresa, down 20 lbs, mom of teens

Is this you..

  • Waste time searching your closet for clothes that hide your belly… and can instead grab any outfit (no matter how revealing) and look great…  
  • Postpone beach vacations, camping trips or weekends on the boat anymore… 
  • You may be one of many women who is waiting to try new things until you like how your belly looks…  
  • Push your partner’s hand away when he touches your stomach because you feel insecure… 
  • “Suck in” while taking pictures, take dozens of photos just to find one where you don’t “look fat”, or avoid the camera altogether because you hate seeing your belly in them…  
  • Feel frumpy next to the slim women at the office. 
  • Wonder if your partner and kids wish you were more like the Supermom across the street who seems to have it all—a tight midsection, bubbly personality and is always “on the ball”…

If any of the statements above describes YOU... 



Women Just Like You…  

You’re only moment away from discovering how amazingly simple it can be to get a flat belly… And…  

  • Lose pounds, inches and years of belly fat in only a week…  
  • Reach into your closet and pull out any skinny dress… pair of jeans… or cute top and look great in it…  
  • Be a fit and energetic mom who has no problem keeping stride with your kids…  
  • See that romantic look in your husband’s eyes again.  
  • Experience smooth energy flow all day long…  
  • Have the confidence to rock a two-piece bikini…  
  • Finally love the way you look in the mirror… pictures… and even naked!

Introducing the Slim Belly Solution

The ‘Flexible Detox’ That Upgrades Every Fat-Burning Process In Your Body, Reverses Belly Aging, And Helps You Effortlessly Lose Pounds And  

Inches Around Your Middle…  

Without Giving Up A Single Food You Love!

Digital product. Photos are for visualization purpose only.

Benefit #1: Releases Stored Belly Fat  

Benefit #2: Eliminates Hunger  

Benefit #3: Increases Insulin Sensitivity  

Overweight woman before and after weight loss on white background

Benefit #4: Fixes Broken Metabolism  

Benefit #5: Increases Good Gut Bacteria  

How do you grab this??



You'll get...

  • Complete 7-day slim belly meal plan 
  • How to nail down your “eating timing” over the next week.
  • Why simply pushing breakfast back one hour can make fat fall off your body  
  • 7 Day Slim Belly Solution Cheat Sheet…  
  • The 3 BEST beverages you should drink over the next 7-days 
  • The perfect time of day to eat a slice of chocolate cake, lasagna and a glass of wine… 
  • The ‘Fuel Cycling Survival Guide’ that’ll give you step-by-step instructions 
  • A complete list of slim belly foods you can take with you to the grocery store TODAY  
  • How to eliminate sugar cravings for hours by eating this one type of foods with your first meal for the next week… 
  • Burn an extra 200 calories per day without exercise. 
  • An amazingly simple flat belly food formula you can start using tonight 
  • Why cooking your meals in coconut oil can jumpstart your thyroid, accelerate your metabolism for hours and boost fat burning by a whopping 50%... (calories from coconut oil DO NOT act like any other calorie… 2 tablespoons can burn 120 extra calories today!) (20) 
  • Craving Eliminators that’ll make shaping your body easier than ever before…  
  • How to keep lean muscle on your body while melting away all the fat around it! (You’ll accelerate your metabolism with this one hack that guarantees more fat loss in less time). 
  • How to tighten your midsection 
  • Tea that targets belly fat like a laser… 
  • How to turn globby “white fat” into fat burning “brown fat” in only a few hours

Yet that’s not all… 

I really want to get you started and successful!  

Which is why I’ve included a FREE value-added bonus when you start today…


Slim Belly Bonus: 4-Minute Slim Belly Movements (FREE!)  

As a busy mom, wife and career woman…  

You’ve probably filled up just about every bit of “free time” with something important. Which means you haven’t had time to make it to the gym in months or even years…  

Or you may have chosen to best budget your family finances by cancelling your gym membership a long time ago. So you could instead afford a beach vacation with your family each year…  

Which is why you deserve this bonus that promises to give you toned abs in a hurry… And without leaving the luxury of your own living room. And…  

In only 4-minutes per day…  

These 4-Minute Slim Belly Movements are so simple and effective you can do them once you get out of bed in the morning… before sleep each night… or even during the commercial break of your favorite television show!  

And will help you craft a lean core that turns heads this beach season …

...1,000 successes and counting

“Working with April was very motivating and her program was easy to manage! I only needed a few days to get familiar with the nutrition aspect… And the rest is history! I’ve felt great every single day of the program. Even empowered! I couldn’t be any more excited about my progress and owe it all to April’s help.” ~ Lara

“I’m a specialty pharmaceutical rep and busy mom of two. I’ve been on and off many diet and exercise plans that leave me drained and run down. And the moment I’d “fall off the wagon” I’d gain the weight right back. But then I met April and everything changed. In just over a month, I’ve already lost 13-pounds and 16.5 inches all over my body (especially my belly). And I’ve done it while eating foods I love—even ice cream!” ~ Christine

“I’ve always struggled with my weight. And I’m constantly traveling, which makes cooking in the kitchen and planning meals nearly impossible for me. At one point I tried low-carb diets that feature boring salads and piece of fish for dinner… But I couldn’t stick to it because of my environment. And after feeling hopeless and trapped at my “on the go” job, I found April’s coaching services. I haven’t stopped hearing compliments since! Because I’ve lost 12-pounds and over 12-inches while still eating foods I enjoy like pizza and fries! I love the way I look. And even better—I feel amazing! A owe a huge thank you to April and all of the wonderful support that she and other ladies have given me.” ~ Rebecca

I am so thankful I came across your program. I had been following another members progress for some time, wondering if it would work for me. I have gained 20 pounds over the past few years while my schedule was hectic with school, work and home. I didn’t know whether to invest because I wasn’t sure I’d commit. I mean, I wanted to, but in the past I’ve joined groups and paid memberships only to fizzle out after a few weeks. Your program was different. It was a community of real people. Supportive people you can lean on, rely on for information. We were in it together. The nutrition was easy and you could eat real food! Even when I didn’t have a good eating day I didn’t feel guilty or quit! I was honest with myself, you and the group.  

I showed up each day because I loved it (maybe not the burpees so much)! So, in 7 short weeks of working out and calculating my macros I lost 7 pounds, 2 inches on each thigh, an inch on my chest, 2 inches on my hips, a few inches on my waist and I gained muscle in all those areas too! I feel great and my energy is through the roof. I’m fitting back into my clothes and everyone is noticing!  

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have finally committed! ~Kelly  


This is a plan you will finish!


The Slim Belly Solution PHILOSOPHY


We believe eating should be enjoyable, even if there's a little math involved. (And we'll take care of that math for you in an app.) 

We don't believe in diets or one-and-done boot camps. We believe in building fitness programs that are so enjoyable, you'll have no trouble sustaining them for weeks and years on end.

Simply put, we believe in giving you the tools to live happily and healthily ever after.



Grab the Slim Belly Solution  

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Join the private Facebook Tribe  

Step 3:



Commit to the program 

...1,000 successes and counting!

When you join you can expect...

And I promise…  

Your life will never revolve around the Slim Belly Solution. Because I’ve created it to mold to your needs (not the other way around)… So you can experience life with a lean and attractive belly—from this day on!  

Without giving up any of the foods you love—like pizza, chocolate and wine. Or stressing about what you’ll eat when you travel… In fact—you won’t have to cook at home at all if you don’t want to!  

You’re ready for change. You want fast results… I promise you’ve never experienced a more flexible and effective body slimming program like this one before. And…  

I’m so passionate about seeing you achieve and enjoy your dream body that I’ll do just about anything you need to keep from missing out…  

Which is why I’ve slashed the price of the Slim Belly Solution to bargain price. So you won’t have any hesitation about getting your hands on this life-changing body-slimming solution. And…  

When you click the “Buy Now” button today you can get the entire program for ONLY [$15 Secret Sale]. Plus…  

The way I’ve designed the Slim Belly Solution—you can test drive it absolutely RISK-FREE!  

Experience A Leaner, More Energetic, And Confident You In 30-Days — GUARANTEED Or Your Money Back!  

I want you to feel complete peace moving forward with the Slim Belly Solution… Which is why I’ve designed this offer to be completely RISK-FREE. And have backed you up with my 30-Day 100% Money Back Triple Guarantee…  

Because I want you to know what’s like to have the body of your dreams. Without having to miss out on foods you love and deserve. Or adding a stressful diet plan to your full plate as a busy woman. In fact…  

I’ve intentionally created the Slim Belly Solution to be simple yet effective. And most women begin to notice results within the first week.  

I’m confident if you follow the program exactly as I’ve laid out, you’ll notice fat melt off your body like butter, fresh energy and more confidence than you’ve had in months (maybe even years)...  

But if you don’t love the program and see great results just let me know. I’ll be happy to refund every penny of your $15 Secret Sale investment. No questions asked. 

SAVE 90% Today. 

You have questions, I have answers

Am I a good fit for this program?

 You tell me. I am a true believer in not "selling" my program to every person that walks my path. This is a strategic program for women (and men) to learn how to burn fat in their sleep. This is for you when you are all consumed with life, and you are overwhelmed and want to lose weight. This is for you when you do not recognize yourself in clothes, and you dread getting dressed in the AM. This is for you when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You have had it in the weight department. You are looking to be active with your friends and family, and not be out of breath. You are looking to go on a vacay and not be embarrassed in a bathing suit, or in those candid photos.  

I have your back, why? I was there! I was overweight, overwhelmed, and under valuing myself. I found my health and confidence all in one!. I coach women just like you to do the same. You get immediate fast results with the stategies I lead you through.  

This program is not rocket science. I lay the whole plan out for you and you just have to follow along. I coach you every single day! Thats right, this isn't a sign up and see ya program. This is where we keep in touch each day to hold you accountable and give you that success and transformation at the end!!!  

Will I be fasting daily?  

Yes, we will be fasting every day. NOTE, its not ALL day. We are fasting for 16 hours of the day. Most of that you are SLEEPING! When you strategically take advantage of those sleeping hours, hello FAT BURN!  

So, you don’t eat?  

Not at all. You will enjoy some of your largest meals while losing weight than ever before. How is that? We enjoy all needed calories during our feeding window. That means larger meals! I personally love larger meals. For once, I enjoy going out to eat with zero guilt!  

Also, during your fasting windows you can still enjoy many things. I have endless herbal teas, BCAA, bone broth, and kombucha. Also, even though I am not a coffee drinker, you CAN enjoy your coffee!

Do I need to purchase any shakes or supplements to participate in this program?

Not at all! I love this question, because guess what? This is not a multi tiered sales program. This is a program that I have created based on my own personal experience. I love to share it out and coach women through the same experiences I went through. No need to add extra shakes, suppliments, or videos into the mix. PS, we even have an exciting lean down phase in the last week that also require NO extra purchases! Lean down, lose weight, and nothing hidden! I do have a SHOP tab on my website that lists my favorite things. I am all about sharing the things I love!

Do I need a gym membership to complete the the Slim Belly Solution Fat Loss?

Nope! I have effective, and i mean effective kick a$$ workouts that can all be done at home with minimal eqiptment. Grab some small weights at Target or whereever, and you are set to go! I am also working on some workouts that are body weight only! Even better right?!  

Do I have to follow a strict meal plan?

OMG, the exact opposite. For those that work best with a strict meal plan, I have created (alongside a registered dietitan) a meal plan that leads you through the exact strategies I teach. Its all there for you. However, if you are like me, every day with food can be different. I crave different things, I am offered different foods, and I have different parties I might attend where a meal plan may be too restrictive. A meal plan can be a great guide and my members do enjoy it for that reason. However, its not a must. You are here to eat what you love and I teach you how to lose weight while doing it!  

If I am already a member of a gym and doing regular classes, or if I am meeting with a personal trainer, can I just continue with my current workouts, and use your food cycle?  

Yes, and heres why! I love to hear when someone is already committed to another workout regimen. That should commitment overall to your health!!!  

My program can 100% be paired with another workout, trainer, or gym membership.  

During this program I teach mostly nutrition. I do supply effective workouts to pair witht the nutrition to maximize your results.  

Heres the exciting part! You will learn how to pair what you are currently doing with the right nutritional strategy. Some come over to my workouts 100% when they see how the nutrition is working with the workouts. Others stick with their Orange Therory or classes, but learn when to do those classes to best fit with the nutrition I teach you. Its a win win!

Will this program really shrink my belly? I’ve struggled with belly fat for years and have yet to find a solution.

- Yes. Whether you’ve been overweight your entire life, have just a little extra fluff around your middle or are have struggled to lose stomach fat since your first or second child—the 7 Day Slim Belly Solution has been formulated from an abundance of science-backed research to give you a leaner belly without giving up a single food you love. Plus—with the unique fuel cycling mechanism you’ll pour new energy into your body and have a whole new “get up and go” experience each day  

How exactly does this program reverse belly aging? I thought having an aging belly was something you couldn’t control?

-You can’t keep yourself from getting older. Yet you can keep your belly from aging! Most detoxes and cleanses don’t allow you to eat foods that are necessary for getting and keeping a toned belly—namely protein. As a result you lose muscle in your midsection and it becomes flabbier over time. However, by eating well-portioned protein, fat and carbohydrate meals you’ll keep the muscle around your belly in-tact for accelerated fat loss and a tight and firm look.  

How long before I notice results?

-Most women notice a difference in the way their body looks and feels within the first 24 hours of the Slim Belly Meal Plan. Their belly feels less puffy and they have more energy from day one. When you stick with the program you’ll lose pounds and inches around your middle, load up on new energy and feel like a whole new woman. 

What kind of results can I expect at the end of the first week?  

-It depends on how closely you stick to the plan. If you follow everything as I’ve laid out inside, you can expect to see belly-shrinking results. Plus, you’ll notice fresh energy-flow. Simply follow the program as closely as you can and your body will start making changes for the better from beginning to end. If you get lost or are worried you aren’t doing it right, just send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you get on track.  

Can I use this program more than once?

-Absolutely. Once you grab it today, it’s yours forever. Which means you can use it wherever and whenever you’d like. (Especially leading up to any event you want to look and feel great for).  

What does my program investment of $15 Secret Sale include?

A 7 day program that teaches you to burn fat in your sleep! A program guide with everything you need to help you drop that weight forever! I mean that... there is nothing off limits and I show you how!  

Weekly workout plans. I have workouts that can be done at home or at the gym. All workouts average 30 minutes! Even on days I struggle to get to my workout, I repeat "Its 30 minutes April!". Home workouts require minimal equiptment. I am also working on no equiptment for at home workouts! Exciting!  

Access to the closed VIP accountability group. This the Slim Belly Solution tribe is the most inspiring, committed, and supportive group of women. There is no judgement. There is no beating ourselves up for a bad day. NOPE! We embrace each other and encourage each other. My favorite times often include the end weeks where we celebrate each others successes. Even better the winner of each round! The virtual applauce, and virtual hugs, are so sincere. Often members of my groups create and sustain realationships outside of the the Slim Belly Solution community. Women that live near each other buddy up for workouts etc. More than just a support group, but a tribe!  

I dedicate an entire week of prep. What is that you wonder? Prep week is where I walk you through each of the strategies. This is a week that you are working with other long term members of the program and myself to learn how this all fits into your every day life. You get all of the inside tips and tricks and IMMEDIATELY start immplementing the strategies in. The reason Prep Week is so benefitical is it allows everyone the time to stumble! You will enter into week 1 and be ready and prepared 150%!  

You also gain access to a lifetime membership of an affiliates membership group. This is where you can keep in touch with the community of women, even after you have taken this program on your own!  

Get ready for real RESULTS that come fast and last!  


  • enjoy shopping your closet, and slipping on your jeans.  
  • enjoy the foods you eat, and targeted your midsection.  
  • have the plan you need that is easy and effective.  
  • And...  
  • have 3" off your belly in 7 short days.  
  • jump on the scale to see up to 10 lbs gone in 7 short days.  

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 100% refund for 30 days – no questions asked! To prove our confidence in the program we provide and its value to you, we are offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee.  

All you have to do is to send us an email ( within 30 days from the purchase date and we will refund you for the full amount of purchase. You don’t have to tell us why you want a refund, but we’ll be grateful if you would let us know, as it will help us to better understand your needs and expectations and those of future customers.  

We have always strived to create a company based on client satisfaction and long-term relationships. The money-back guarantee is only a small part of the measures we take to ensure our clients receive excellent service from an honest company in a risk-free environment.  


Questions? Please email

ONLY $129 90% OFF Sale


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Slim Belly Solution 7 Day
Slim Belly Solution 7 Day

Not Ready To Order? Please Read This Brief Note…  

Because you’re still reading this letter, it tells me you’re hesitant to purchase the Slim Belly Solution… And I understand. Trying something new can be scary sometimes. And as a busy woman, it takes courage to put yourself first and make your fitness goals a priority…  

But that’s why I wanted to make the first step as comfortable as possible. By giving you the Slim Belly Solution bargain price and with a full money back guarantee… So you can have complete peace when you hit the “Jump in Now” button. And…  

I’m sure you noticed the amazing transformations at the top of this page. And you wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t want to experience one of your own… I’m willing to bet that if I could wave a magic wand and give you lean abs you love, you’d take me up on it…  

And though I don’t have a magic wand for you—I’m certain I have the next best thing… A slim belly solution that’s amazingly simple, convenient and doesn’t keep you from your favorite foods. So what’s holding you back?  

Maybe you don’t believe in yourself… Is that what’s keeping you from making the program yours today?  

Listen—Don’t leave this page without taking action. I believe you can get a lean and attractive belly you love to show off (no matter what your age or schedule). And no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed in the past... TODAY can look different.  

In just weeks you can shrink belly fat around your midsection. While tapping into youthful energy you’ve been missing for years. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the extra attention you receive. And the personal satisfaction of knowing that you did it…  

You made an extraordinary choice to change your body and life… For YOU. And what’s even better—everyone who depends on you will benefit from you loving the body you’re in…  

This is your moment…  

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